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Delivering breakthrough growth, discipline, and accountability. 

Sales Best Practice

Sales Best Practice

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Our Process
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We carefully evaluate the skills and performance of your sales team. 

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We host sales meetings and training sessions to establish best practices. 

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We take responsibility for growing sales, so you can run your business. 

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We create comprehensive plan for meeting sales targets. 

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We hold the sales team accountable to the metrics. 

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We gather intelligence, collect data, and forecast future sales.

Our Vision


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​At Optimus Sales Group - powered by Sales Xceleration, we help business owners realize their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We do so through the creation of sales infrastructure components and sales leadership, often leading to record-breaking sales results from new sales for our clients. Our unwavering objective is to build the proper sales foundation that will allow business owners to enjoy continued growth for years to come. We believe in integrity, character, and ethics, lived out in service for our clients. 

Our Team


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Phone: 618-600-4647

Marc has founded and developed several companies throughout his career.  From an automation software and hardware distributorship, engineering services, home theater and automation to convenience stores.  Marc has a passion for helping people, families and the local community succeed.  He is inspired when families thrive, jobs are created and the community prospers. 


He has firsthand knowledge of a business owner’s frustration of not having enough time to enjoy their family, losing sleep about growing the business and if they are on the right track, as well as concerns about sales team operation. And when things are going great, Marc knows when to take advantage of a possible expansion opportunity, how to strategically invest in the business to elevate performance and growth rates, and when to foster growth via new business lines or products. Marc resides in the St. Louis area with his wife, Theresa.  In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing and the great outdoors.


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"Marc came into our operation as a temporary Ad Director for about a year. He had the challenge of helping us create a new strategy, (which ultimately became hiring sales people in each territory, rather than at our headquarters), hiring new people in those locations, setting goals, overseeing a new magazine-oriented CRM system and getting the reports out of it that we should be seeing, and teaching us how to use those reports with sales people. We are definitely beginning to see the benefits of these hires (one is turning into a rock star, we believe) and this system, which offers both management aids, tools, systems, as well as efficiencies for us. I believe Marc helped us make outstanding hires, and that he is a total sales professional. I'm happy to recommend him!"

- Danita Allen Wood, Owner of Missouri Life Magazine


I had the pleasure of working with Marc Metz when becoming a Certified Sales Leader. His classes were very detail oriented and I took great value of the real life experiences he shared. I have utilized the tools Marc taught me and found great success. I highly recommend Marc Metz and becoming a Certified Sales Leader.

- Chris Matson, VP of Sales   Fearings AV


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Tel:  618-600-4647

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